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The Pickled Swine

8 Sep

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The Pickled Swine
Deli Sandwiches and Salads
614 678 1411



The Pickled Swine truck was purchased in January 2012 by Tracy and Bill Hunt. The menu is mostly the same as Pickled Swine 1.0 with the addition of a few new menu items such as’The Rachel’ with pastrami, swiss, scallion cream cheese, warm red cabbage slaw, caramelized sweet onion and mustard on rye.

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Tracy and Bill are also serving some interesting sides:

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You can find the Pickled Swine primarily at the Campus Pitt Stop at Lane Ave & Kenny Road.

Here is a bit more on Pickled Swine 2.0.


The Pickled Swine was originally owned by partners Katrina Faenza, Giovani Faenza and Todd Meister of Meister’s Bar.

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Their signature ‘The Pickled Swine’ sandwich has Black Forest ham, honey ham, swiss cheese, spicy bacon (YES BACON) aioli, scallion cream cheese, spicy dill pickles and pork rinds making it a quadruple pork sandwich. So far one of their most popular sandwiches has been ‘The Johnny’ with capicola ham, salami, buffalo mozzarella, roma tomato, olive tapenade and tossed micro-greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Sandwiches range from $3 for PB&J and old school bologna and cheese to $12.

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We haven’t tried it yet but the beet salad with Ohio sweet corn, curly endive, garbanzo beans and shallot-lemon thyme vinaigrette sounds good.  In the fall and winter they also plan to offer soup options as well.