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Swoop Food Group

2 Aug

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I’ll cut to the chase – Swoop is good. And, sometimes, very very good.

The gist of the menu, as it stands, is relatively ‘easy-to-prepare’ things done the hard way. Like, for example, their tater tots. A breeze to prepare, unless you make them from scratch, as they do. Beautifully browned and crispy, and tender on the inside, they’re clearly worth the effort and a whole lot better than what you’ll find elsewhere.

 food truck tatertots

Ladle some gravy atop them, and sprinkle with cheese curds, and you have, to my mind, the best rendition of poutine in town. If it’s on the menu, get it – the flavor of that gravy will leave you wondering how so many in the past have gotten it so wrong, and the way it clings to the crusty surface of the tots will make you wonder why poutine isn’t always done like this.

swoop food truck columbus

Their Brussels sprouts are also among the best around – crispy, slightly charred, and bacon bedecked, they’re nothing fancy, but done with a deft touch.

swoop food truck

And those are just the sides. Swoop’s main focus, as of now, is on sliders. If you’re looking for a straightforward cheeseburger, they have it, but from there they take all sorts of liberties with the concept – think B(elly, pork)LTs, jerk chicken, and a BBQ rib version, all on slider buns and priced at $3 each or 2 for $5.

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They’re perhaps even more varied in flavor than the descriptions would suggest. The jerk chicken was pleasantly, but unusually spiced with what one taster thought might be Chinese 5 spice and another guessed might be cumin. Either way, it was on a juicy slice of nicely fried white meat. The BLT was intriguingly sauced as well.

All were enjoyed, with the only possible critique being that the flavor of the homemade quick pickles asserted themselves more than would be ideal on some of them. Also good are the gooey pimento cheese filled empanadas.

We haven’t had too much time to talk with the guys behind Swoop, but in brief discussions we’ve learned that they’re pushing to source locally as much as possible, with an ultimate goal of purchasing 90% of their raw ingredients within central Ohio.

They’re also likeable guys – treat yourself, check them out.

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OH Burgers

11 Jun

street food in ohio

Cuisine: Burgers

OH Burgers is the third gourmet burger trucks to pop up this summer. Each of them has a different take on the genre, and the direction that OH Burgers has gone is with the slider or mini burger.

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The truck is run by Brian Thornton, helped out by his teacher wife during her summer vacation. Brian has aspired to have his own restaurant since high school, and like many entrepreneurs has found that food trucks are a more cost effective way to get things going. He’s been working on the concept since he saw the success of the food truck festival at Columbus Commons last summer. His culinary school training, restaurant experience and background in operations management give him a lot of good skills for the business.

Brian chose burgers because, as well as being popular, they’re versatile. He likes that you can play around with a variety of toppings. Why mini burgers? Because he wants you to try more than one of his burgers and they’re faster to cook which means he can keep the line moving. Each burger is 2oz so two equates to a quarter pounder.

Brian is sourcing as much locally as he can. His beef comes from Rife’s Market in Grandview (which procures it from a farm in Zanesville) and is freshly ground on the truck. His bread comes from The French Loaf in Grandview. Burgers are $3 each or two for $5.

As of writing, the menu includes Mexican, Greek and Italian plays on the burger as well as a veggie burger that was getting pretty good reviews from customers during our visit. Brian says that he has lots more ideas for burger toppings and will use seasonal ingredients this summer.

The smell of these little guys cooking is hard to resist. We tried the Italian and the classic OH Burger mini. The buns are nice and soft and patties have good flavor and texture. The Little Italy mini has mozzarella, bruschetta (fresh chopped tomato) and balsamic reduction and was our favorite of the two. We also heard praise for the Cinco de Mayo burger.

OH burgers food truck

OH Burgers also serve sweet potato chips made from scratch on the truck. A little greasy but thin and crunchy.

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You can find OH Burgers once a week at Dinin’ Hall in June and follow them on facebook or twitter for their up-to-date locations.