How To Find a Food Truck

So you are looking for a food truck but can’t find one? What to do? Here are your options.

Food trucks are mobile in concept but such is not always the case. Almost all of the Taco Trucks in Columbus are stationary and keep standard hours – you can find most of them at Taco Trucks Columbus.

One of the most famous of Columbus Food Trucks is not mobile at all – and it started as a trailer. That would be Ray Ray’s Hog Pit.

However most street food vendors….are on the streets going from location to location looking for people to feed. In Columbus the business model for most mobile food owners is to schedule locations to serve lunch at Monday to Friday then supplement with a few evening locations as well as festivals and events on the weekends. These trucks look for corporate lunch locations with the goal to serve fifty to two hundred customers in a two-hour period as long as they have the permission of the property owner and the business site.

In the evening, they look for business sites that have a second or third shift of hungry workers or a bar with some patrons in need of a snack or two. Seventh Son Brewing, Zauber Brewing and Land Grant Brewing have food trucks three to six days per week in the evening and some afternoons.

You can try twitter to find a food truck – if you know what the twitter address is and if they continually tweet where they are serving. This is not practical for most people nor is it helpful if you do not know what truck(s) you are looking for or want to look for. If you want to stalk mobile food via twitter, check out our Street Tweets page.

The same can be said for Facebook. While many vendors post where they will be for the day or the week, if that is all they post the content soon becomes boring. Plus, with frequent changes to Facebook you may not be able to find these posts in a timely manner. And again, you need to know the truck exists….to find it. Another downside, most people can’t access Facebook from their workplace computers….so finding a truck at lunch can be a struggle.

There is a website called Ohio Food Truck Finder which lists many of the twitter feeds for food trucks in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and elsewhere – this can be a good way to see much of the variety of vendors but it is not a complete listing and food trucks that throw in the towel or take a long hiatus are often in this stream as well.

The same group also coordinates mobile vendors for lunch at ten plus Ohio State University Medical Center locations. You can find a schedule -> HERE.

And HERE is a map of sites. The vendors currently serve lunch at most sites Monday to Friday.

App(lication)s exist to find food trucks. Some have come and gone (Hungerly) and others have come and fizzled (Eat Street, Roaming Hunger and Street Food – Columbus). This app / finder worth is your best option to find a majority of mobile food vendors Street Food Finder is starting to be more widely used. The problem with all of these apps is a chicken or the egg situation: if the owners don’t put information into StreetFoodFinder (or something else) then customers won’t use it, but food truck owners had to be OK with putting in information when no one was using StreetFoodFinder so that people could see that it does work. Make sense? That is the challenge for many vendors. And that is why you need to use it – for positive reinforcement.

The city of Columbus authorized a new program to have mobile food vendors in some public right of way areas in the city. The program launched March of 2015 and continues to grow and expand – you will see trucks parked downtown and the Brewery District during lunch and some late night hours.

And you have this site to find out about new vendors, we don’t write about all of them, we will try to write about those that are new, interesting concepts or the best.

Getting a Food Truck for a workplace, event or wedding.

Some people comment on this site looking to hire a food truck, we do not respond to questions of that nature since we do not have the time to be matchmakers. If you are interested in contacting a truck to serve you, please contact the vendor directly by phone, Twitter, Facebook or their website.

These are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking for a vendor. Most will need to serve at least 50 people to cover costs. The typical minimum is $1000. In the peak season (March to October), vendors are booked one to three months or more in advance. If you want a food truck to serve at your workplace – make sure that the property owner of the building provides permission in writing. Designate someone in your office who can help promote the truck schedules with other employees so they can serve fifty plus people each time, once the numbers start to drop, the truck may have to head off to greener pastures.

If you hit a wall in contacting a food truck vendor (and you meet the criteria above), you might contact The Food Fort at (a non profit which helps new and experienced mobile food vendors) for placement assistance with one of their member vendors.

And if all of this seems overwhelming and you just want to experience the culture of food trucks without the hassle, try a Columbus Food Adventures Taco Truck Tour or Food Truck Tour.


4 Responses to “How To Find a Food Truck”

  1. desean weems March 30, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    Hi…looking to maybe get into the mobile food business…is there any way i can rent a truck to see if this is for me?i always see a food truck or trailer for sale but not for rent.Thanks.d

    • cmh gourmand March 30, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

      There are no food truck rental companies in the midwest. You will need to buy a truck.

  2. Fran March 31, 2016 at 8:27 am #

    Looking for SUNNY SIDE TACOS

    • hungrywoolf April 1, 2016 at 7:53 pm #

      They have Facebook and Twitter accounts but we don’t have any contact information for them.

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