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Smokeout BBQ

24 Mar


Smoke Out BBQ and Catering
4578 N. High Street
Beechwold / Clintonville
Fridays and Saturdays 11 am to when they run out, most recently, about 2 pm

Here is our interview with John Becker one of the que slingers on Smokeout BBQ.

Who else works on Smoke Out with you?
A: I have a business partner, Eric Grant, and our wives may be on
location from time to time. Our sons will be learning the art in the
years coming.

When did you first get interested in BBQ.

A:I spent summer and winter breaks of college working for a landscape
company. We would cut mature apple trees from a local orchard, split
the wood, and sell it to local BBQ joints. Back at OU in Athens,
through trial and error, I learned to take a fatty cut of meat, wood
smoke, and patience and turn a cheap cut of meat into something better
than steak.

What is your BBQ style – Texas, Carolina, etc., if any?
A: I have eaten BBQ extensively in the Carolinas, Texas, Memphis, and
St. Louis. I enjoy good BBQ anywhere. The food we offer is the food we
like to eat with the meats being smoked by local cherry wood. Smoke
Out BBQ is pork oriented, but we also offer pulled chicken and brisket
on a rotating basis. The menu will expand once spring hits.

What inspired the trailer?

A:Eric and I both have experience in construction. We bought the
trailer shell and turned it into a fully functional kitchen ourselves.

You make many of your own sauces, any stories about that; family recipes, win any competitions, etc.
A: As much as possible, our offerings are homemade: sauces, rub, slaw, Mac N Cheese, etc. I’ll take a thumbs up or a smile from a customer who likes our food over an official award any day.

What are the next steps for Smoke Out? Do you hope to open a restaurant, do more catering?
A: I am just happy that I have the opportunity to share my favorite BBQ with my neighbors in Columbus.



Mya’s Fried Chicken.

19 Jul

fried chicken truck columbus


3166 N. High Street (corner of Pacemont and High St).
Friday-Sunday 12:00-8:00pm

When Ray Ray’s moved down the street to Ace of Cups, their newly vacant spot seemed a great food truck location left truck-less. But as food trucks abhor a vacuum, the void has now been filled by Mya’s fried chicken – a new truck offering fried chicken and comfort food sides. It’s run by a former executive banquet chef who left his job to start the business, named after his daughter.

fried chicken food truck

We went all-in and ordered a whole bird with biscuits and all of the sides. The chicken is sourced from a local distributor, is antibiotic and hormone free, and is all Ohio proud. It was certainly good enough to satisfy a serious fried chicken craving, with our preference leaning towards the juicier dark meat. The breast was a bit on the dry side on our visit. The breading and skin were crunchy in places with a little chewiness and there was a nice touch of rosemary – overall the flavor was exceptional. We ordered ours plain and tried the vinegar sauce and herbed honey drizzle on the side.

columbus food trucks

The warm house-made biscuits were very popular with our tasting team. They also go well with the herbed honey.

Columbus food trucks

Of the sides, our favorite was the smashed potatoes with pan gravy. The gravy was rich and meaty and it disappeared first. We’ve heard really good reviews about the mac and cheese from friends, and it was highly recommended by the staff, but on the day we were there the sauce was broken, so although the flavor was good the texture was grainy.

comfort food truck columbus

The lemonade was nice and refreshing, neither too sweet nor too tart.

Clintonville food trucks

Ray Ray’s Hog Pit Takes a Swing at Wings

7 Feb

The subtitle of this post may be mythbusters. This writer has heard two mobile myths perpetuated of late: Mobile food is a fad and food trucks can’t make a living year round. Enter Ray Ray’s.

(Note: Ray Ray’s moved to Ace of Cups Bar in late Summer 2012 – 2619 North High Street) Open Friday to Sunday Noon to 7 pm

Jaime (Ray Ray) Anderson continues to prove that a good product, a little business sense and a lot of hard work, a person can make a good living from a mobile food truck or trailer. Ray Ray’s has served BBQ from the same location for over two years. Ray Ray’s stays open through the winter, serving 52 weeks each year. Jaime takes opportunities to try out new menu items such as smoked turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well a grass fed beef special on Sunday’s. For Superbowl Sunday, he decided to serve wings and the results were……take a look for yourself. When I visited, the line was fifty people deep and still growing.

If you grill it, BBQ it or cook it right, they will come. You might have to wait for the next superbowl for wings….but maybe not, seems like it would be a good item for fall tailgating.

Yellow Boy’s Polish Boy’s

9 Jul

polish boy sandwich columbus, street food columbus

Cuisine: Ummm, Clevelandish?
Twitter: @yellowpolishboy

If you’re not from Cleveland, then you’re probably unaware of the existence of a sandwich called a ‘Polish Boy’ – a grilled Kielbasa sausage in a bun with french fries, coleslaw and BBQ or hot sauce. And, before trying Yellow Boy’s, we had no idea about ’em either

Nonetheless, so great is this sandwich’s cult following in Cleveland that Chef Michael Symon picked a Polish Boy as his choice for the Food Network show ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate.’

kielbasa sandwich

Marcus Spivey, the owner of Yellow Boy’s, is a genial OSU grad from Cleveland who spent much of his time at Ohio State lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find a Polish Boy sandwich in Columbus. After years spent wishing that someone would open a Polish Boy restaurant he decided to take the plunge himself. Now, thanks to Marcus, transplanted Clevelanders (and of course anyone else) craving kielbasa can get their fix on the streets of Columbus.

columbus ohio food cart

As you can see from the photo, this is one hot mess of a sandwich… and we mean that affectionately. Marcus provides napkins, you’ll definitely want to accept the offer.

Marcus drives up to Cleveland to get his kielbasa sausages, splits and grills them. He makes his own sweet coleslaw and uses pre-cooked oven fries. The bun and french fries soak up both the juices from the coleslaw and – to our minds, the highlight of the sandwich – Marcus’s secret recipe BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is tangy, a little vinegary, has some heat, and pulls the whole thing together. Yellow Boy’s Polish Boy is $5 well spent, especially as it includes a free bottle of water.

At the moment Marcus is mainly doing Friday late night shifts in the Short North and the occasional special event. Once school starts in the fall, you’ll probably find him on OSU campus. Follow him on twitter for location updates.

Dave’s Carribbean Food

22 Aug

614.266.5713 or 614.330.6294

Found outside Skully’s on Sunday night’s or at festivals and other events.
Available for catering and parties.

One of two Jamaican trucks in Columbus (the other being Red Snapper), Dave’s Food Truck (pictured below) caters to the crowd at Skully’s Sunday night reggae night in the Short North. He is looking for other locations, possibly in the campus area, but in the mean time you can find him at some festivals and special events. You’ll probably hear the truck before you see them – Skully’s aren’t the only ones pumping out reggae tunes on a Sunday night.

The menu is a fairly standard Jamaican offering with all of the favorites: curry goat, brown stew, jerk chicken and oxtail, as well as the obligatory male-enhancement drinks. We ordered the same items that we had sampled at Red Snapper earlier in the week and although tastes will vary, we would probably give Dave the edge. The food was really fast too, all ready to serve to a hungry late night crowd.

The jerk chicken was darker and hotter than most we have had in town (you can see the flecks of red pepper). It had a deep smoky taste and was both sweet and spicy. The chicken was tender and the rice and peas were fluffy and well seasoned. Overall a satisfying dish.

The curry goat also packed a little more punch than others we have had. Is that because Dave is catering to a late night crowd? or a largely Caribbean audience? As usual, you should beware of the bones, but your reward for careful eating is a rich sauce with tender goat and plenty of vegetables. Definitely one of the more substantial late night food options.

We finished our midnight feast with a slice of sweet potato pie. Though we doubt it was made in house, it was very good. Freshly made with a sweet creamy filling and a flaky crust.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

11 Aug

Follow on facebook for location info

Mikey’s Late Night Slice pizza truck is the mobile spin-off of their fixed-abode parking lot location near Bodega. As the name suggests, look for the pizza-slinging truck, late at night, or on facebook. The only difference between the “PizzAssault” truck and the Shack is a pared down menu and sauces; head to the Shack if you absolutely need Slut Sauce on your slice.

Recently, we caught the “PizzAssault” truck parked in front of Level at North High St. and Lincoln St. The truck is outfitted with a wire belt and warming deck oven to ensure crisp yet chewy crust and toppings sunk in gooey cheese.  From a list of four available slices, we chose the popular Spicy-Ass Pepperoni and the vegetarian Mushroom with Roasted Garlic. Continue reading

Okonomiyaki & Shaved Ice at Tensuke

3 Aug

Tensuke Market
1167 Old Henderson Road
Summer weekends only – 12-3pm

We typically don’t need much persuasion to visit the treasure trove that is Tensuke Japanese Market, but with the lure of an okonomiyaki cart set up outside, we headed there at the earliest opportunity.

Continue reading