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Red Hot Food Truck

12 Sep

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Red Hot
Tex-Mex fusion cuisine

Red Hot is certainly one of the coolest looking food trucks in town, a converted 1971 airstream trailer with an 80 sq ft kitchen. Red Hot is run by husband and wife team Craig and Jane Langworthy. Chef Craig has a background in food service and catering and is looking forward to having more direct contact with his customers. We stumbled upon Red Hot at their first event the Upper Arlington Arts Festival and you may have also seen them at the Megacity Music marathon this weekend.

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For their first event Red Hot offered four different types of tacos and we tried the three meat options. Our favorite was the steak tacos with black beans, cheese, salsa verde and caramelized onions. Craig plans to introduce other dishes as he gets established and will focus on tacos, quesadillas, soups and salads. Some of the other menu items we’ve heard about are roasted asparagus and goat cheese quesadillas, hoisin rib tacos with cabbage slaw and pumpkin jalapeno and feta tacos. The menu will change with the seasons. For a kick try their signature Red Hot sauce.

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As well as tacos Red Hot offered chips with either salsa or guacamole and for the sweet-toothed cupcakes from Sweet Scetti. The Mexican inspired flavors tres leche, sweet polenta green chili and dark chocolate chili cupcakes with cream cheese cinnamon butter cream were a good complement to the trucks savory offerings and great value at $1 each.

red hot food truck

Red Hot are planning a regular downtown lunch location at Gay and Grant. We’ll update when we know which days of the week.

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Mojo Tago

22 Sep

Website: (check the calendar for special events)
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What happens when you combine a gleaming new food truck manufactured in California with the recent taco truck craze in Columbus? It’s not the traditional Mexican taco offering dressed simply with diced onion and cilantro but a uniquely styled taco with fresh shredded cabbage and pico de gallo (diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro). Mojo Tago is the brand spanking new brain child of Buckeye Brian Reed.  A lifelong Columbus resident inspired by the food truck movement in Los Angeles, Brian is an avid cook and entrepreneur. Mojo Tago has a limited schedule for the time being, but can be found everywhere from Westerville to North Lewisburg to OSU home games. You can contact him via the website to book the truck for any catering gigs or special events. Continue reading