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Food Truck Season 2015

16 Mar

All of a sudden it feels like spring in Central Ohio, and with the warm weather comes the rollout of new food trucks. We know that many hardy food truckers have been out all winter long and we tip our hats to them, but this weekend saw three new mobile food vendors debuting in Columbus. Food truck season, 2015, is on!

Hot Chicken Takeover has taken Columbus by storm and, as well as their North Market location, they now have a mobile operation. Their truck was at the Columbus Crew season opener on Saturday. They’ll mostly be doing festivals and private events but you can enjoy HCT at the North Market, Thursday-Sunday.

street eats columbus

Por’ketta’s trailer has what we have dubbed the drool window where you can watch their signature porchetta on a rotisserie. We’re expecting this to be very popular. You can find them this Thursday and Saturday evening (5-9pm) at Four String Brewing or at Staas Brewing in Delaware on Friday.

columbus food trucks

Native Eats offers a local, seasonal menu with vegan and vegetarian offerings. In their own words “Native Eats is an all natural, organic, hormone free, and ethically honest food cart that sources all of its main ingredients locally, right here in Ohio.”  You’ll find them on Saturday lunchtimes at Seventh Son Brewery.

mobile food columbus


Velvet Mini Ice Cream Truck

10 May

Velvet 1

Cuisine: Ice Cream

It may be hard to conceive or even believe but there is more to ice cream than Jeni’s. Velvet Ice Cream has been in the business for ONE HUNDRED YEARS!. So they know what they are doing. To celebrate a century of scooping the company decided to do something very 21st century – launch a food truck.

The truck is definitely mini, the smallest we have seen in the business. It is a former mail delivery truck with a few freezers added in. The truck is based in Utica so we salute the driver who made the journey to Columbus to share ice cream with the people. The truck is dubbed Mini and you will find it all over the region wherever ice cream is needed. You can track its whereabouts via Twitter at #Velvets100th. We hope that Mini sticks around past this summer, it’s so cute.

Velvet 2

Lucky Ladle

24 Aug

Website: (currently being updated)
Wednesdays, July 7 – October 27, 2010, 11:30am – 1:00pm: Nationwide-Pearl Alley Growers’ Association at North High Street and Nationwide Boulevard, Columbus, OH.
Thursdays, July 8 – October 28, 2010, 11:30am – 1:00pm: Nationwide-Pearl Alley Growers’ Association at 5100 Rings Road, Dublin, OH.

You may have heard of Shannon’s soup business, The Lucky Ladle, from colleagues who receive her deliveries at offices all around town during prime soup season, between November and May. During the summer, The Lucky Ladle sets up at the Nationwide-Pearl Alley (N-PA) Growers’ Association markets in downtown Columbus and at Nationwide’s Dublin campus. Shannon offers up a wide selection of soups and savory pastries, available both in vegan and conventional varieties.

I visited with The Lucky Ladle on a Wednesday at 12:15pm and to my dismay, found that she had already sold out of her signature savory turnovers! My disappointment only grew as Shannon described all the varieties she’s been known to bring: spinach and potato, chicken and Monterey Jack cheese, veggies and Soyrizo, and the most sought after, El Tio, a blend of ground beef, potatoes and onions, various fresh herbs and cumin. At $2.50 a pop, get there early and buy a couple to share!

I was able to try both soups Shannon had with her, a cold gazpacho and a steaming chicken noodle. The garlicky and refreshing gazpacho had visible bits of cucumbers and tomatoes was just chunky enough to make my closet vegan very satisfied. And the full flavored home style chicken noodle had generous chunks of chicken and homemade noodles; my taster-in-crime who was suffering from a cold in the heat of summer pronounced it exactly what his sore throat craved. The Lucky Ladle’s repertoire also includes other favorites such as kale and white bean, broccoli cheddar, a Moroccan harira, hearty chili, and lentil soup.

I can’t believe I’m saying this in mid-August, but I can’t wait to try The Lucky Ladle’s steaming soups on a brisk autumn day with a turnover or two!!

Okonomiyaki & Shaved Ice at Tensuke

3 Aug

Tensuke Market
1167 Old Henderson Road
Summer weekends only – 12-3pm

We typically don’t need much persuasion to visit the treasure trove that is Tensuke Japanese Market, but with the lure of an okonomiyaki cart set up outside, we headed there at the earliest opportunity.

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