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Johnny Oak’s Po Boy and Shrimp Shack

2 May

cajun street food

Cuisine: Cajun

Corner of Gay and High St.
Monday-Friday 11am-2pm

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?  Last year we wrote a post about Johnny Oak’s cajun BBQ truck. In it’s previous iteration, they were serving up BBQ, but have recently moved away from that after finding that downtown office workers called the fire department when they spied plumes of BBQ exhaust emanating from their on-site smoker.

Having closed his North Campus restaurant, Johnny is now focusing on mobile food completely, and the revamped menu found on his new trailer (in the same downtown location) is closer in content to the old restaurant menu.

downtown columbus street food

Johnny is deliberately trying to keep his prices down, and as a result his sandwiches are one of the best lunch deals around. We heartily recommend the creole shrimp po boy, and were particularly impressed with the plump, tasty and well cooked shrimp.  Not too surprising for a place that has the crustacean featured in its name, but we can think of a few seafood-themed restaurants that should be begging him for his supplier’s contact info. The photo below, sadly, is not a great picture and it’s not the whole sandwich either – this thing was huge (as in, probably 14″ long), and all of $5.50.

johnny oak's po boys

There are also sides available if you have room for them. Of the two we tried (beans and greens) we preferred the greens which featured a generous amount of bacon.

cajun food columbus ohio

If you’re in a hurry you can call or text in your order. But don’t forget to leave a tip – as of our last visit, the cooks were working for gratuity alone.

Also, keep an eye out around town – Johnny is prepping a full-on Cajun assault with the impending debut of a fleet of 4 trucks.


Boston Bert’s Seafood

26 Aug

Corner of Indianola and Blenheim (Keith’s Sunoco) in Clintonville

Clintonville has had a secret haute mobile food scene for quite some time that was largely off the radar.  Most people think of Ray Ray’s Hog Pit BBQ as the first Clintonville cart. Such is not the case. There was another cart at Weber and Indianola which burned down in 2008.   Then there was a burger and hot dog cart at the corner of Blenheim and Indianola (Keith’s Sunoco) for nearly a decade which was recently replaced by Boston Bert’s Seafood. Continue reading