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The Flat Top Pizza Company

18 May


Cuisine: Pizza, Ice Cream, Soda and Seasonal specials


We begin with a bit of Columbus Mobile Food culture. You may have heard of Mikey’s Late Night Slice, a guy named Mike started the first mobile pizza empire in the city. Then you may have heard of Pizza Mike, Mike Evans owned the first restaurant (pizzeria) in Westerville to serve booze in the dry city. Then his pizzeria burned down. Mike was on the Great Food Race and used that experience to start a food truck last year. And then there is Mike and Other Mike. In 2012 a couple of lads working on a food cart decided they needed to do something different to stand out from the cart crowd, so they started doing a grilled cheese style pizza on a cart. The concept worked but they found a cart limiting so they started working on a truck. It took a lot longer to build out the truck than expected so Mike opted for full-time employment while Other Mike continued plugging, painting and paying away on the Pizza Truck. Other Mike is owner/operator/dough slinger Mike Cyan. The lesson of this paragraph – if your name is Mike you are probably running a pizza truck. The name of the truck is an homage to how the pizza is crafted, on a flat top grill.

Flat Top pizza is much more than pizza. The menu also includes truck made ice cream and craft soda. Future menu items may include pepperoni rolls, cinnamon rolls and soups.

The pizzas start with homemade dough and high grade ingredients. The sauces and pesto are made from scratch.


The ice cream is made in small batches and served in scoops or floats.



The soda pops are hand crafted as well with a mix of traditional with not so traditional flavors. Mike makes special syrups and flavorings for each pop, which are mixed to order.



As for the name, Flat Top Pizza is made on a grill not in a pizza oven. The end result still combines pizza with a little grilled cheese char.

We like the look of the truck as well (as do many of the other food truck owners in town). Mike spent a long time crafting his truck, doing almost all of the work on his own. There is a cool retro look to the truck (a Grumman, older than he is) with wood doors integrated into the design. Adding to the retro, pizza to go is served in paper bags (the way pizza was served back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Flat Top officially launched in May 2014 so keep an eye out for truck as it starts to build a following at the usual spots. The easiest place to find Flat Top in action will be Zauber Brewing Company check with the truck and the brewery for schedule information.




Pizza Cottage

27 May


Facebook: PizzaCottageFoodTruck
Twitter: @Pizza_Cottage
StreetFoodFinder: Here

Pizza Cottage is not the first Brick and Mortar Restaurant in central Ohio that decided to go Mobile (we have Schmidt’s, maybe Giant Eagle Market Place Foodie Truck and kind of Sweet Carrot (caterers) that took that path), but they did decide to go mobile with a vengeance. The Pizza Cottage Food Trucks is large….maybe the longest of the pack. It is fully staffed (often a crew of four to six), has plenty of top of the line equipment, two serving windows, a video menu screen and all of the bells and all of the whistles. And the truck is everywhere in Columbus (not bad considering it is based on Lancaster).

However, as a new truck, it violates the first rule of Mobile Pizza in Columbus. We have Pizza Mike’s Kitchen, Flat Top Pizza (Mike and the Other Mike) and Mikey’s Late Night Slice. On my first visit to Pizza Cottage I could locate no Mike’s on the truck.


The menu offers full pizzas (at some sites), pizza by the slice – always pepperoni or cheese, and often other varieties. A selection of subs and salads are featured as well. If you catch the truck on the right day at the right venue, you can have breakfast from the truck as well.


The must try item from the menu is the BLT Pizza. It has the elements of a BLT – Bacon, lettuce and tomato with the addition of cheese and pizza crust that bridges the worlds of both bun and pizza crust. The pizza crust part of the sandwich has the doughy and chewy apsects of pizza dough but the crunch and firmness of a toasted bun. The cheese and the bacon fuse well together to hold the rest of the sandwich/pizza/sandwich together to make it easy to eat.

See the BLT Pizza below:



Photos of a slice or pizza and an Italian Sub are below.



Earth’s Crust / Krazy Monkey

11 Jul

food carts columbus


Pizza & Baked goods.

Phone: 614 440 9885
Check Facebook and Twitter for updates on location
Earth’s Crust (Pizza in cart form) Krazy Monkey: Pizza, Juices and more in Truck form
Earth’s Crust/Krazy Monkey Updates

Street Eats has been following Earth’s Crust and Michelle Page for a long time, so long in fact that this post is a joint production by Vivsmack, CMH Gourmand & Hungrywoolf.

street food , food carts columbus

Street eating is all too often synonymous with hot dogs, gyros, and other meaty morsels. But not in Columbus. Joining the ranks of Rad Dog, Lucky Ladle and other mobile vegan & vegetarian friendly carts, Dreddie Page (a.k.a. Michelle), who is based out of the Clintonville Community Market, has been offering health conscious pizza and baked treats using local, organic, fresh ingredients. Using whole wheat berries (germ included!) and spelt, Michelle mills her own flour to ensure that the menu is minimally processed with the freshest possible flavor and the highest nutritional value. Her grains come from the Amish farms. She does not use white refined flour or refined sugars. She does use natural ingredients with a dash or dollop of love depending on the item. When Vivshmack visited there were three pizza options: caramelized onions and apples with Daiya cheddar, cheese, and pepperoni. She chose two slices (the Daiya option and the pepperoni) for $5 and was really impressed with the light and nutty crust. Yesterday Michelle was offering a choice of two 8 inch pizzas: Ohio cheese pizza with locally made sauce and 3 cheese blend and a tasty homemade broccoli pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella and tomato. Vegan cheese is also available.

whole grain pizza cart

The Earth’s Crust cart hops around town offering up delicious sandwiches, signature pizzas and a selection of baked goods. The menu changes daily and seasonally. Sandwiches are made with whole wheat, vegan, sliced bread from Stan Evans Bakery, a little known bake shop located in Grandview. Vivian sampled the Tomato NOTzarella sandwich served warm straight from the cart’s built in griddle.

Michelle is available for catering orders and has a fantastic selection of pies, rolls, scones and cookies. Check out a menu here. Rumor has it that Earth’s Crust pizza are much loved by Clintonville families and super popular with neighborhood kiddies so call ahead if you have any special requests or are placing a large order.

Michelle Page is a budding mobile food mogul. You may see her Krazy Monkey truck resting in the parking lot of Global Village Coffee Shop and Gallery lot in Clintonvile this summer in between work to get it ready for the road. In the meantime, she operates a space inside selling her juices and baked goods. If there is an outdoor event with food carts you can expect the Earth’s Crust cart or the Krazy Monkey truck will be there.

Want more of her story? Check out Michelle’s Earth’s Crust blog

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

11 Aug

Follow on facebook for location info

Mikey’s Late Night Slice pizza truck is the mobile spin-off of their fixed-abode parking lot location near Bodega. As the name suggests, look for the pizza-slinging truck, late at night, or on facebook. The only difference between the “PizzAssault” truck and the Shack is a pared down menu and sauces; head to the Shack if you absolutely need Slut Sauce on your slice.

Recently, we caught the “PizzAssault” truck parked in front of Level at North High St. and Lincoln St. The truck is outfitted with a wire belt and warming deck oven to ensure crisp yet chewy crust and toppings sunk in gooey cheese.  From a list of four available slices, we chose the popular Spicy-Ass Pepperoni and the vegetarian Mushroom with Roasted Garlic. Continue reading