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Explorers Club Food Truck

6 Jul


Facebook: explorersclubmv
StreetFoodFinder: Coming Soon

The Explorers Club Restaurant is about eighteen months past the day the doors opened. While other restaurants entered the mobile food world before Explorers Club, the team behind the wheel of this truck started preparing back in 2012.

Shortly after the restaurant opened, they started to rent a food cart to help get the word out about the Explorer’s Club at different community events. They did well with the cart and saw the advantages of going mobile with a truck including having extra kitchen space in a building where cooking quarters are tight as well as a much easier way to build out a catering business. The truck launched in late May of this year and has been keeping busy doing corporate lunches, events, late night and weddings.

Like the restaurant, the menu is eclectic. While it often has a southwestern / latin theme the sky is the limit for what one might find on the menu on any given day. A few examples are posted below.

menu prime

menu 2

A few examples are shown below. Tots, one of the most sought items on mobile food menus, are frequently on the menu and in many of the Explorers Club Menu items. The example below is the Sloppy Jose Burrito which includes mac and cheese, Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), seasons tots and some saucy goodness.


Tacos in various forms are frequent flyers on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but always tacos with a twist of one sort or another.


For breakfast, this truck has the best options in the business including breakfast burritos, chorizo sausage Biscuits and gravy and one of my favorites an egg sandwich on Cuban bread with Swiss Cheese, jalapeno mayonnaise and jalapeno slaw.

For vegetarians, there are typically one or more strong options on the menu. For fans of the restaurant, many of the menu items are based on core ingredients at the Explorers Club but this is not a recycling of menu concepts so you will find selections you won’t find elsewhere. The items on the food truck menu are meant to be served fast and are friendly to eating on the go.


Dave’s Carribbean Food

22 Aug

614.266.5713 or 614.330.6294

Found outside Skully’s on Sunday night’s or at festivals and other events.
Available for catering and parties.

One of two Jamaican trucks in Columbus (the other being Red Snapper), Dave’s Food Truck (pictured below) caters to the crowd at Skully’s Sunday night reggae night in the Short North. He is looking for other locations, possibly in the campus area, but in the mean time you can find him at some festivals and special events. You’ll probably hear the truck before you see them – Skully’s aren’t the only ones pumping out reggae tunes on a Sunday night.

The menu is a fairly standard Jamaican offering with all of the favorites: curry goat, brown stew, jerk chicken and oxtail, as well as the obligatory male-enhancement drinks. We ordered the same items that we had sampled at Red Snapper earlier in the week and although tastes will vary, we would probably give Dave the edge. The food was really fast too, all ready to serve to a hungry late night crowd.

The jerk chicken was darker and hotter than most we have had in town (you can see the flecks of red pepper). It had a deep smoky taste and was both sweet and spicy. The chicken was tender and the rice and peas were fluffy and well seasoned. Overall a satisfying dish.

The curry goat also packed a little more punch than others we have had. Is that because Dave is catering to a late night crowd? or a largely Caribbean audience? As usual, you should beware of the bones, but your reward for careful eating is a rich sauce with tender goat and plenty of vegetables. Definitely one of the more substantial late night food options.

We finished our midnight feast with a slice of sweet potato pie. Though we doubt it was made in house, it was very good. Freshly made with a sweet creamy filling and a flaky crust.

My Snappy Wagon

18 Aug

Location (? – believed to be Closed) – (last seen) parking lot of Columbus Gold – 5411 Bethel / Sawmill Center
Hours – Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 PM to 2:00 AMish…maybe later depends on business at Columbus Gold

Something about Street Food and Strip Clubs seems like a good fit. Maybe it is the availability of $1 bills for change. Regardless on where you land on that statement, I think a thanks is deserved to Columbus Gold Gentleman’s Club for giving a new businessman a chance.

Raafat is the proud owner of My Snappy Wagon. It is called Snappy because service is quick. Raafat is of Egyptian roots with sidetrips in other countries and states before he landed in Columbus. He has years of restaurant experience. While working for others he has always dreamed of having his own business. In early July 2010, he opened his cart to the world. Continue reading

Mikey’s Late Night Slice

11 Aug

Follow on facebook for location info

Mikey’s Late Night Slice pizza truck is the mobile spin-off of their fixed-abode parking lot location near Bodega. As the name suggests, look for the pizza-slinging truck, late at night, or on facebook. The only difference between the “PizzAssault” truck and the Shack is a pared down menu and sauces; head to the Shack if you absolutely need Slut Sauce on your slice.

Recently, we caught the “PizzAssault” truck parked in front of Level at North High St. and Lincoln St. The truck is outfitted with a wire belt and warming deck oven to ensure crisp yet chewy crust and toppings sunk in gooey cheese.  From a list of four available slices, we chose the popular Spicy-Ass Pepperoni and the vegetarian Mushroom with Roasted Garlic. Continue reading

Fusion Cafe – CLOSED

2 Aug

columbus food trucks, mobile food vendor

Cuisine: Fusion

Location and hours: Check their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter
Often found outside Dick’s Den late night.

If, over the past week or so, you’ve been on High St. around Dick’s Den in the evening, or on Broad near the Columbus Museum of Art during the day, you’ve probably seen a relatively non-descript delivery truck parked along the side of the road. Perhaps the more perceptive among you even recognized its shape as that of a converted Wonder Bread delivery van. Continue reading