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Explorers Club Food Truck

6 Jul


Facebook: explorersclubmv
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The Explorers Club Restaurant is about eighteen months past the day the doors opened. While other restaurants entered the mobile food world before Explorers Club, the team behind the wheel of this truck started preparing back in 2012.

Shortly after the restaurant opened, they started to rent a food cart to help get the word out about the Explorer’s Club at different community events. They did well with the cart and saw the advantages of going mobile with a truck including having extra kitchen space in a building where cooking quarters are tight as well as a much easier way to build out a catering business. The truck launched in late May of this year and has been keeping busy doing corporate lunches, events, late night and weddings.

Like the restaurant, the menu is eclectic. While it often has a southwestern / latin theme the sky is the limit for what one might find on the menu on any given day. A few examples are posted below.

menu prime

menu 2

A few examples are shown below. Tots, one of the most sought items on mobile food menus, are frequently on the menu and in many of the Explorers Club Menu items. The example below is the Sloppy Jose Burrito which includes mac and cheese, Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), seasons tots and some saucy goodness.


Tacos in various forms are frequent flyers on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but always tacos with a twist of one sort or another.


For breakfast, this truck has the best options in the business including breakfast burritos, chorizo sausage Biscuits and gravy and one of my favorites an egg sandwich on Cuban bread with Swiss Cheese, jalapeno mayonnaise and jalapeno slaw.

For vegetarians, there are typically one or more strong options on the menu. For fans of the restaurant, many of the menu items are based on core ingredients at the Explorers Club but this is not a recycling of menu concepts so you will find selections you won’t find elsewhere. The items on the food truck menu are meant to be served fast and are friendly to eating on the go.


Taco Sherpa

21 May


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There is another Granville-based Food Truck to add to our list – Taco Sherpa. This truck also has some food truck history. Recycling trucks is pretty common in the business. Buying an existing business and keeping it as is has happened in Columbus before(Cheesy Truck). This time, we see Taco Sherpa, a well-known food truck from Chattanooga, Tennessee journey to Central Ohio to start a second life with Jon Ulmer and Ian Carroll. Ian is not stranger to the food truck scene, he had worked for the Burrito Bus in the past.

Another bit of interesting back story. Since there are not many Korean (or Korean inspired) food trucks this side of the Mississippi, Laura Lee from Ajuamama not only knew of Taco Sherpa she communicated with the former owners quite a bit. She knew the food truck was for sale but did not know it was purchased until she saw it pull up into the parking lot at The Food Fort when she is based. It is a small world in the Food Truck Biz.


Now with the back story in the foreground, lets talk about the food. Many attribute the beginning of the national food truck buzz to the Beatlemania style popularity of Kogi Korean BBQ. Since it worked in LA and Chattanooga, Jon and Ian decided….why mess with the concept. They might tweak or change an item or two, but their aim is to stay the course.

The menu is simple. Chicken, Beef or Tofu is delivered in Burrito, Taco, or Quesadilla Form. You can also get a lettuce wrap. Pick a protein and manner of consumption and then pick or don’t a sauce to add to the mix.


Their three signature sauces are (left to right): Sherpa BBQ, Avacado Wasabi and Lime Crema.


A few examples of the final product are below.



Keep an eye out for Taco Sherpa on the streets of Columbus and in Granville.


Paddy Wagon (2.0)

22 Apr

(Photo provided by Paddy Wagon)

Cuisine: Eclectic American Comfort Classics served with a sense of Justice
Twitter: @PaddyWagonFood
Instagram : @PADDYWAGONFOOD : Paddy Wagon

Zach James, the owner of Paddy Wagon as come a long way. A survivor of the early adopters of mobile food in the capital city, Zach has been adapting to the changes of mobile food and keeping his business going where other peers have had to throw in the towel. You can read about the early days of Paddy Wagon -> HERE. In between now and then, Zach allowed graffiti artists to make his truck an art installation to stir things up and he has continued to mix around his menu, shifting from burgers to brisket while on his truck he switched from spray paint to a professional wrap. Never one to be complacent, Zach knew he had to change to compete and be taken even more seriously in the new age of mobile food. The old sheriff is the new sheriff coming into the town with both six shooters blazin’. He tries to source locally when practical. The Paddywagon serves food in compostable and greenware containers.

There are a lot of new things in store for Paddy wagon for 2013. The wagon relaunched for Earth Day so we will add an update to this post later in the year once Sheriff James gets the Capital City in order and his cuisine arrested to his satisfaction. While the menu still has a burger it also includes a mix of wraps and sandwiches (leading with a big Brisket based sandwich) all with some connection to law enforcement lingo.

Mojo Tago

22 Sep

Website: (check the calendar for special events)
Follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates on their location.

What happens when you combine a gleaming new food truck manufactured in California with the recent taco truck craze in Columbus? It’s not the traditional Mexican taco offering dressed simply with diced onion and cilantro but a uniquely styled taco with fresh shredded cabbage and pico de gallo (diced tomatoes, onions, and cilantro). Mojo Tago is the brand spanking new brain child of Buckeye Brian Reed.  A lifelong Columbus resident inspired by the food truck movement in Los Angeles, Brian is an avid cook and entrepreneur. Mojo Tago has a limited schedule for the time being, but can be found everywhere from Westerville to North Lewisburg to OSU home games. You can contact him via the website to book the truck for any catering gigs or special events. Continue reading

Fusion Cafe – CLOSED

2 Aug

columbus food trucks, mobile food vendor

Cuisine: Fusion

Location and hours: Check their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter
Often found outside Dick’s Den late night.

If, over the past week or so, you’ve been on High St. around Dick’s Den in the evening, or on Broad near the Columbus Museum of Art during the day, you’ve probably seen a relatively non-descript delivery truck parked along the side of the road. Perhaps the more perceptive among you even recognized its shape as that of a converted Wonder Bread delivery van. Continue reading