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Native Eats

8 Apr


Native Eats (Closed) 
(Locally sourced / eclectic)

Facebook: NativeEats
Twitter: NativeEatsCbus

Native Eats is a new food cart in Columbus serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus with a strong emphasis on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. A photo of a recent menu is below and a link to their current menu is -> HERE. You can find them on a regular basis at Seventh Son Brewing on Saturdays for the Lunch/Brunch shift. Expect to see them more places soon.


So far we have sampled the Sweet Potato and Beet Burger (seen below) and the Barbacoa Breakfast Torta. Both offered great flavor and fresh ingredients including buns made my Matt Swint (who ran the Per Zoot food truck in the past) of Matija Breads (a favorite purveyor of local mobile vendors).

beet burger

Like any new business, especially in the world of mobile food there will be changes and shifts in the menu over “season one” and we think this cart is off to a strong start. We asked Alyssa Block a few questions about getting started and we share the answers below.

1) What inspired your menu?

Community. Native Eats unites community by sourcing all of our main ingredients right here in Ohio. Quality. This is another thing that drives our brand. We take no short cuts, all of our meat is grass-fed and sourced locally and all of our breads are fresh-baked locally. Sustainability. By sourcing our main ingredients locally, we not only stimulate the Ohio economy, but we also use less energy to receive our goods. Health. Grass fed, GMO free meats are significantly lower in fat than grain fed meats. We also always offer unique hand-made healthy options along with vegan and gluten-free options.

2) What did you do before starting the cart?

I worked in production for the Limited and still do to this day. This has taught me valuable lessons on cost negotiating, networking, vendor relations, and business relationship building.

3) Who else is on your team and what are their roles?

David Southwick doubles as both my boyfriend and my manager for the cart and staff. Erin Lamneck, Amber Roy, and Alena Southwick are all of our servers/prep cooks.

4) What did you do to get ready to launch this spring?

Reach out to as many vendors and gigs as possible. Start being active in the social media scene. Get active in the community by joining the City of Columbus food truck program, COFTA, and we are about to be a member of Experience Columbus. We have also been trying to get some press, such as (614), Fit Ohio, and Biz 1st

5) What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far?

Hard work pays off and doing things the morally correct way usually gets noticed. There will ALWAYS be hurdles in this business, but you make mistakes, learn from them, and prosper.

6) What do you want guests to know about your food and food philosophy?

We want them to know we believe in community, eating local, buying local, quality, health, and natural foods

7) Anything else to share with those new to native eats?

Everything is made from scratch and to be full of flavor. We are your #1 fan. We know you will love our food.

native eats


Hot Pita: Mediterranean Street Food

12 Nov

Hot Pita (CLOSED)
Hot Pita is out of the truck and into stores – selling their hummus at select specialty markets.
Twitter: @HotPita
Facebook: Hot Pita! Mediterranean Street Food

Hot Pita and the main guys behind the wheel: Adi and David are attacking the streets of Columbus armed with an arsenal of pita powered flavors. They have a pledge of freshness and vow never to serve from a freezer. The menu includes hummus, Tabbouleh , shawarmas (beef and chicken), falafel as well as lentil soup and daily specials. The service is friendly and upbeat. Their food continues to get rave reviews.

Hot Pita is one of the most mobile food trucks. It can be expected to hit two to three spots most days, check out Twitter or the new Hungerly app to find how close Hot Pita is to you. They also plan to keep cooking through the winter while many others are calling it a season, so show your support on the cold days so they can keep up the heat for 2012.

Craig’s Geedunk

13 Sep

food carts columbus

Craig’s Geedunk (Closed)
Cuisine: rustic urban
Twitter: @craigsgeedunk

You may recognize Craig Long’s smiling face from Skillet where he is usually rushing around dispatching brunch orders. As well as serving at Skillet he is operating a little satellite operation called Craig’s Geedunk offering Skillet food from a food cart. According to Craig a Geedunk is an old fashion word for food cart or concessionaire. It seems that it’s a navy term for a snack bar but no one can agree on the origins of the term. The cart is hired from the ECDI Food Fort program.

Craig will be operating the cart until the end of October and will then close up for the season. Some days he is offering Skillet’s griddled cinnamon buns (look out for him on Indianola near Boston Bert’s tonight) but when we caught up with him last night he was serving hoecakes with pulled pork and green tomato chow chow.

This was a great dish and good value at $5. It was comprised of two hoecakes (cornmeal pancakes aka johnnycakes), juicy pulled pork  and chow chow, lightly pickled veggies, which added a nice crunch and freshness. There was optional hot sauce for those who wanted to take it up a notch.

Craig is planned to be in SoHud on Monday nights outside Jack’s Corner Pub from 7.30pm-Midnight. Follow him on twitter for location and menu updates.

RT’s Grill

28 Jul

RT’s Grill
Cuisine: Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and Late Night(?)
Clintonville / No Man’s Land between Clintonville and Worthington (depends whom you ask)
Across from Pig Iron BBQ – 5295 N. High St

RT’s Grill started serving food at soccer and baseball games. The R & T are Rob and Tina. They were having lunch at Pig Iron one day, saw the empty lot across the street then decided to try out the location. R & T opened at their present spot the third week of July. Business is slow but steady. Rob and Tina assisted by their friend Mike, plan to give late night a try this weekend from 7 pm to 1 or 2 am.

The menu lists breakfast and lunch basics. We defer to Breakfast with Nick for the morning fare review. Lunch includes hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and such as well as a daily special. The specials vary but include chicken and noodles, meatloaf and other home cooked dinner favorites.

The bologna sandwich was sampled on the recon visit. It was thickly sliced and grilled. Serving options included cheese, tomato, onion and pickles.


28 Sep

Follow Veggielicious on Facebook for updates on location and weather.

Veggielicious made it’s debut quietly in the late summer setting up in a prime location across from campus on High Street. A welcome sight for vegans and lacto-ovo vegetarians, Veggielicious offers wraps, quesadillas, and bowls with any combination of ingredients from owner Becky’s arsenal of fresh veggies. These include eggs, onions, jalapenos, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, red peppers, black beans, broccoli, sour cream, and salsa. The veggies are thrown on a grill, tossed together, warmed through but not over cooked, and served in the style of your choosing.

It was the first day of school when I made a beeline for Veggielicious and since I couldn’t resist the siren song of melt-y cheese-y goodness, I opted for a large quesadilla. From the picture, you can see it’s a little bit of everything, a whole lot of cheese, but no eggs. Served with salsa and sour cream on the side, the veggies made me feel great (but the cheese still made me feel guilty, ha). I felt stuffed with the 12-inch tortilla and may opt for the small (10-inch tortilla) next time.

Since Becky sets up really early for the college crowd and offers eggs, I can see this being a great place for breakfast: a large wrap with loads of veggies, two eggs, and a coffee from next door sounds like just the type of breakfast I need to fortify me for 8:30am class (or a nap from the food coma).  There might be soup and grilled cheese in the works for the fall and winter so keep an eye on Veggielicious’ Facebook for any updates.

Yankee Cajun

8 Sep

streeteatscolumbus, street food columbus ohio

Follow them on twitter @YankeeCajunOhio

This trailer moved to the Crest Tavern, which is now managed by the former owner of Yankee Cajun. He has does great work with this bar.

Yankee Cajun is the latest addition to the downtown lunchtime food truck scene. You can find them parked just up the street from 3 Babes and a Baker. As their twitter bio says “Yankee Cajun is about bringing the flavors of the French Quarter and Cajun country to foodies in Columbus Ohio”. Continue reading

Rad Dog!

24 Aug

We are sorry to report that Rad Dog is out of business. It was for sale as of June 2012.

Blog (not as frequently updated)
Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes usually found at Broad & High. Often found at special events and festivals.
Saturday’s sometimes found at Pattycake Bakery as part of the Pattycake Rad Dog sticky bun challenge.

Rad Dog‘s hot dog cart established by owner operator Tawd Bell in July 2008, was an early pioneer of the new wave of food carts. Rad Dog is now a well established vegan friendly street food option and a familiar sight downtown. Vegans are not usually well served by street food vendors, so Rad Dog is a great compliment to other street food vendors at festivals.

Tawd uses Tofurky hot dogs, brats and kielbasa from Portland, Oregon. Apart from that he tries to source as much as he can locally and he uses rolls from Stan Evans bakery in Grandview and Pretzel buns from Brezel. He also serves locally made Luna burgers.

Tawd splits the dogs lengthwise to maximize surface area and get them extra crispy. Popular offerings include the Cowabunga with chili and salsa. This is a dog to be approached carefully if you are wearing a white shirt.

and the Rad dog – a beer brat with sauerkraut, onions and peppers. The Tofurky brat goes really well with toppings, but for an unadorned dog, the Italian sausage is the winner on flavor.

As well as dogs and burgers, Tawd also offers Blue Sky Sodas and Pattycake Bakery cookies.