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Early Bird

15 Jun


Early Bird
2141 Indianola Ave (corner of Norwich) by Tree of Life Church, parking in rear lot
Thursday-Friday 7am-1pm, Saturday 8am-1pm

Facebook: EarlyBird
Website: Fourandtwentybakeshop
Phone: (614) 715-0906


Perched just north of OSU Campus, Early Bird Food Truck serves beignets (regular and filled), donuts, hand pies (they go quick), One Line Coffee and in the near future, perhaps a French style ham and cheese sandwich. The beignets can be dusted with powdered or cinnamon sugar. Fillings include custard, nutella, peanut butter and more. The menu is small, the concept is simple and for early risers, that simplicity can make the early morning rise that much easier. Owner Libby Glover is an accomplished and trained baker who managed the bakery at Hills Market in the past and has been a frequent farmers market purveyor.


One my survey run I tried a variety of beignets. They were great – fresh with great flavor, just take the first bite of a filled beignet very carefully – or you may lose some filling. You can enjoy your food on site at a few tables under a tree or take them to go and see how long you can go before you start to eat your goodies in the car.


Native Eats

8 Apr


Native Eats (Closed) 
(Locally sourced / eclectic)

Facebook: NativeEats
Twitter: NativeEatsCbus

Native Eats is a new food cart in Columbus serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus with a strong emphasis on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. A photo of a recent menu is below and a link to their current menu is -> HERE. You can find them on a regular basis at Seventh Son Brewing on Saturdays for the Lunch/Brunch shift. Expect to see them more places soon.


So far we have sampled the Sweet Potato and Beet Burger (seen below) and the Barbacoa Breakfast Torta. Both offered great flavor and fresh ingredients including buns made my Matt Swint (who ran the Per Zoot food truck in the past) of Matija Breads (a favorite purveyor of local mobile vendors).

beet burger

Like any new business, especially in the world of mobile food there will be changes and shifts in the menu over “season one” and we think this cart is off to a strong start. We asked Alyssa Block a few questions about getting started and we share the answers below.

1) What inspired your menu?

Community. Native Eats unites community by sourcing all of our main ingredients right here in Ohio. Quality. This is another thing that drives our brand. We take no short cuts, all of our meat is grass-fed and sourced locally and all of our breads are fresh-baked locally. Sustainability. By sourcing our main ingredients locally, we not only stimulate the Ohio economy, but we also use less energy to receive our goods. Health. Grass fed, GMO free meats are significantly lower in fat than grain fed meats. We also always offer unique hand-made healthy options along with vegan and gluten-free options.

2) What did you do before starting the cart?

I worked in production for the Limited and still do to this day. This has taught me valuable lessons on cost negotiating, networking, vendor relations, and business relationship building.

3) Who else is on your team and what are their roles?

David Southwick doubles as both my boyfriend and my manager for the cart and staff. Erin Lamneck, Amber Roy, and Alena Southwick are all of our servers/prep cooks.

4) What did you do to get ready to launch this spring?

Reach out to as many vendors and gigs as possible. Start being active in the social media scene. Get active in the community by joining the City of Columbus food truck program, COFTA, and we are about to be a member of Experience Columbus. We have also been trying to get some press, such as (614), Fit Ohio, and Biz 1st

5) What is the biggest lesson you have learned so far?

Hard work pays off and doing things the morally correct way usually gets noticed. There will ALWAYS be hurdles in this business, but you make mistakes, learn from them, and prosper.

6) What do you want guests to know about your food and food philosophy?

We want them to know we believe in community, eating local, buying local, quality, health, and natural foods

7) Anything else to share with those new to native eats?

Everything is made from scratch and to be full of flavor. We are your #1 fan. We know you will love our food.

native eats

Columbus Corn Dog

17 Aug


Columbus Corn Dog
Fair Food Fare
2233 Morse Rd. (Near Morse and Walford, Mobile Mike’s Auto Repair)
Open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 pm

It doesn’t seem fair does it? You love fair food but you can only get it a few times a year. Or maybe you love fair food but you don’t like the hassles of going to the fair. Whatever your fair food passion, Columbus Corn Dog has you covered with, yes corn dogs as well as Cheese on a Stick, Lemonade Shake-Ups, Popcorn, Funnel Cakes, Fresh Cut Fries, Deep Fried Oreo’s, Hamburgers, Kettle Popcorn, Carmel Apples, Iced Tea, Soft Pretzels, Mini Donuts, Cotton Candy and more. Coming soon – breakfast – which includes a sausage wrapped in a Belgian waffle, with maple syrup and a touch of powdered sugar (on request) deep-fried on a stick. Take a look below.


One my first visit I tried their Strawberry Lemonade (big pieces of strawberries and lemons) shakeup and a corn dog. My corn dog was made to order and it was the freshest and definitely the best corn dog I’ve had. I’m also a lemon shake up connoisseur and found their version among the best I’ve had as well.


Future plans include turning their spot into a food pod by partnering with a few other food trucks as well as some larger events paired with local charities. Columbus Corn Dog plans to be a year round business so if you need your fair food fix know that you have a good option in town.


Explorers Club Food Truck

6 Jul


Facebook: explorersclubmv
StreetFoodFinder: Coming Soon

The Explorers Club Restaurant is about eighteen months past the day the doors opened. While other restaurants entered the mobile food world before Explorers Club, the team behind the wheel of this truck started preparing back in 2012.

Shortly after the restaurant opened, they started to rent a food cart to help get the word out about the Explorer’s Club at different community events. They did well with the cart and saw the advantages of going mobile with a truck including having extra kitchen space in a building where cooking quarters are tight as well as a much easier way to build out a catering business. The truck launched in late May of this year and has been keeping busy doing corporate lunches, events, late night and weddings.

Like the restaurant, the menu is eclectic. While it often has a southwestern / latin theme the sky is the limit for what one might find on the menu on any given day. A few examples are posted below.

menu prime

menu 2

A few examples are shown below. Tots, one of the most sought items on mobile food menus, are frequently on the menu and in many of the Explorers Club Menu items. The example below is the Sloppy Jose Burrito which includes mac and cheese, Ropa Vieja (shredded beef), seasons tots and some saucy goodness.


Tacos in various forms are frequent flyers on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, but always tacos with a twist of one sort or another.


For breakfast, this truck has the best options in the business including breakfast burritos, chorizo sausage Biscuits and gravy and one of my favorites an egg sandwich on Cuban bread with Swiss Cheese, jalapeno mayonnaise and jalapeno slaw.

For vegetarians, there are typically one or more strong options on the menu. For fans of the restaurant, many of the menu items are based on core ingredients at the Explorers Club but this is not a recycling of menu concepts so you will find selections you won’t find elsewhere. The items on the food truck menu are meant to be served fast and are friendly to eating on the go.

Short North Bagel Deli

21 Jul

food carts columbus

Short North Bagel Deli
Cuisine: Sandwiches

Owned and operated by Jeremy Fox, Short North Bagel Deli is the latest cart to hit the streets of Columbus. Short North Bagel Deli specializes in steamed bagel sandwiches which Jeremy first tried and fell in love with when he visited his sister at Miami University. Bagel and Deli has a cult following in Oxford and has spawned steamed bagel delis in several other cities. A steamed bagel sandwich is different from having a toasted bagel sandwich because the whole sandwich is steamed warming the bagel and fillings and melting the cheese.

mobile food columbus

The cart uses Blocks Bagels (plain, wholewheat, sesame and everything) and offers a surprisingly wide variety of sandwich options. The most popular so far is the Good Ole Goodale with thin-sliced turkey, Colby, cream cheese,  avocado, tomato, lettuce, sprouts and honey mustard. We tried the special the Camelot, with turkey, bacon, avocado, brie and mayo on an everything bagel. You can also make up your own sandwich.

street food columbus

When you get your bagel it will be almost to hot to hold, but eat it quickly as it will start to get tough as it cools down. Make sure you grab some napkins too – the sandwiches can get pretty messy with all those steamed melt-y fillings.

bagel deli columbus

Although the cart is called ‘Short North Bagel Deli, you will find Jeremy in locations all over town. He is currently downtown during lunchtimes, at Camelot Cellars (Short North) some evenings and at Groovy Spoon (Clintonville) or Farmer’s Markets on other evenings. Keep up with his locations on his website or on facebook or twitter.

Leslie’s Creperie

24 Aug

Leslie’s Creperie
Twitter: @lesliescreperie
Facebook (most frequently updated)

One part inspiration and one part lucky break lead husband and wife Paul and Leslie Humphrey to launch their mobile creperie earlier this month. They were inspired by their European honeymoon and then opportunity found them in the form of some friends offering up a crepe cart logo they had been working on. Although they hadn’t had any experience in the food industry, they decided to take the plunge and try and offer people the same experience they enjoyed  during their time in Europe.

Leslie’s can currently be found at Pearl Alley market on Tuesdays and Fridays, on Broad street near Third on Monday and Wednesday for Breakfast and Lunch and on Third Thursday evenings on 5th Avenue in Grandview outside the Twisted Vine. They have lots of plans for other locations and events so, check their Facebook page for up to date locations and hours.

Leslie’s offers a choice of sweet and savory crepes, as well as Illy coffee. The crepes are left on the grill longer than at other creperies resulting in a crispier crepe. We tried two of their savory offerings: the feta, egg and spinach and the new vegetarian crepe.

The crepes are substantial and made a filing lunch. The spinach, feta and egg was our favorite: a crispy crepe with the salty kick of feta, fresh spinach leaves and cooked to order scrambled egg. Doesn’t it look good?

The vegetarian was similar to a quesadilla, with black bean salsa, sour cream and grated cheese. I suggested melting the cheese more and having some optional hot sauce and Paul was very receptive to the feedback. He admitted that they were still working out some of the kinks and tweaking their menu.

We’re looking forward to a return visit to try the sweet crepes.