Pizza Cottage

27 May


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Pizza Cottage is not the first Brick and Mortar Restaurant in central Ohio that decided to go Mobile (we have Schmidt’s, maybe Giant Eagle Market Place Foodie Truck and kind of Sweet Carrot (caterers) that took that path), but they did decide to go mobile with a vengeance. The Pizza Cottage Food Trucks is large….maybe the longest of the pack. It is fully staffed (often a crew of four to six), has plenty of top of the line equipment, two serving windows, a video menu screen and all of the bells and all of the whistles. And the truck is everywhere in Columbus (not bad considering it is based on Lancaster).

However, as a new truck, it violates the first rule of Mobile Pizza in Columbus. We have Pizza Mike’s Kitchen, Flat Top Pizza (Mike and the Other Mike) and Mikey’s Late Night Slice. On my first visit to Pizza Cottage I could locate no Mike’s on the truck.


The menu offers full pizzas (at some sites), pizza by the slice – always pepperoni or cheese, and often other varieties. A selection of subs and salads are featured as well. If you catch the truck on the right day at the right venue, you can have breakfast from the truck as well.


The must try item from the menu is the BLT Pizza. It has the elements of a BLT – Bacon, lettuce and tomato with the addition of cheese and pizza crust that bridges the worlds of both bun and pizza crust. The pizza crust part of the sandwich has the doughy and chewy apsects of pizza dough but the crunch and firmness of a toasted bun. The cheese and the bacon fuse well together to hold the rest of the sandwich/pizza/sandwich together to make it easy to eat.

See the BLT Pizza below:



Photos of a slice or pizza and an Italian Sub are below.




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