Taco Sherpa

21 May


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There is another Granville-based Food Truck to add to our list – Taco Sherpa. This truck also has some food truck history. Recycling trucks is pretty common in the business. Buying an existing business and keeping it as is has happened in Columbus before(Cheesy Truck). This time, we see Taco Sherpa, a well-known food truck from Chattanooga, Tennessee journey to Central Ohio to start a second life with Jon Ulmer and Ian Carroll. Ian is not stranger to the food truck scene, he had worked for the Burrito Bus in the past.

Another bit of interesting back story. Since there are not many Korean (or Korean inspired) food trucks this side of the Mississippi, Laura Lee from Ajuamama not only knew of Taco Sherpa she communicated with the former owners quite a bit. She knew the food truck was for sale but did not know it was purchased until she saw it pull up into the parking lot at The Food Fort when she is based. It is a small world in the Food Truck Biz.


Now with the back story in the foreground, lets talk about the food. Many attribute the beginning of the national food truck buzz to the Beatlemania style popularity of Kogi Korean BBQ. Since it worked in LA and Chattanooga, Jon and Ian decided….why mess with the concept. They might tweak or change an item or two, but their aim is to stay the course.

The menu is simple. Chicken, Beef or Tofu is delivered in Burrito, Taco, or Quesadilla Form. You can also get a lettuce wrap. Pick a protein and manner of consumption and then pick or don’t a sauce to add to the mix.


Their three signature sauces are (left to right): Sherpa BBQ, Avacado Wasabi and Lime Crema.


A few examples of the final product are below.



Keep an eye out for Taco Sherpa on the streets of Columbus and in Granville.



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