Columbus Food Truck Culture: A Documentary

6 Mar

In 2012, two OSU students spent months following the Food Truck Scene in Columbus. The end result was a great insight into all aspects of the food truck business and what makes them tick. If you are a fan or considering starting a mobile food business, this is worth watching. Thank you Alexis and Dan for your good work on: A Quick Bite: Columbus’ Food Truck Scene

Several Food trucks are featured in the foreground and background of this project. Much of the insight into this mobile culture comes from Ajumama, OH! Burgers, Pitabilities and That Food Truck.


The documentary breaks things down into these segments (the link is below).

The Nuts and Bolts (Building a Food Truck)

What it Takes
(The Food Truck Biz is not Rock & Roll all night and party every day, it is hard work and not for everyone).

Challenges and Conflicts
The explosion of mobile food has moved faster than city government can react to, thusly there is a lot of ambiguity in regulations and a few rules that don’t make sense.

Community and Culture
The Food Trucks in Columbus are a collaborative community, which is unique in the food service industry.

Food Truck Fest
The September Food Truck Fest at Columbus Commons is one of the biggest events of the year and allows people to see how everything comes together.


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