Tatoheads and Pitabilities in Clintonville March 3rd Noon to 3 PM

28 Feb

The Yerba Buena Food Truck had hoped to make it’s 2012 debut back in Clintonville on March 3rd. This community favorite from last summer will be joining Pitabilities and Tatoheads as the Food truck contingent to help Clintonville Celebrate the Bicentennial of Columbus. However a generator issue at the 11th hour took them out of the game. Carlos, the owner of the truck will be there to pass out flyers with information on their new Clintonville location.

The event will be from Noon to 3:00 PM at Maple Grove Church at the corner of North High Street and Henderson Road. Admission is free. There will also be free goodies from Mozart’s Bakery and plenty of activities related to the history of Columbus.

More details – here

In case you missed the drama of last year, Yerba Buena almost went down as the first food truck booted out of Clintonville by a very small but very loud minority of residents. The owners Carlos and Carolina used the incident as an opportunity to open up in another section of Clintonville in need of more food options, however, news of their move did not get communicated in the community so business flagged. This year, Yerba Buena is back and looking forward to being part of the community. Please come out to show the support Clintonville and the rest of Columbus shares for these small, independent businesses that are adding spice and variety to the day to day diets of us all.

Also come see what Clintonville has to offer. For those of your ready to support The Mid Ohio Food Bank’s Operation Feed, Pitabilities is doing a mobile food drive for March. They will be collecting jars of peanut butter at the Clintonville Celebrates Columbus Event.



One Response to “Tatoheads and Pitabilities in Clintonville March 3rd Noon to 3 PM”

  1. Vinnie March 10, 2012 at 5:38 am #

    Great to know Yerba Buena is back! Looking forward to see what Clintonville has to offer.

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