4 Oct


Pitabilities: Pita sandwiches

Pitabilities truck is the first of two new pita trucks to be hitting the streets of Columbus. Their truck is brand spanking new and has worked a few debut events including OSU football games. We caught up with them at the Local Foods Week food cart rally. The owners fitted out the truck themselves – in its former life it was a fabric delivery van. They are based out of the ECDI Food Fort.

Pitabilities Menu<

The menu includes: gyros, grilled chicken, Buffalo chicken, Philly steak, Italian sausage, brat, a veggie pita with hummus, grilled vegetables and cheese and the ripper dog (a deep fried hot dog topped with fries and cheddar cheese on a hoagie bun). Pitabilities specialty is pita sandwiches but all of the options are available on a pita, salad or roll and a variety of toppings and sauces are available to customize your sandwich. Pitabilities use locally produced Ezzo Italian sausage and brats.

We tried the Philly steak and the grilled chicken and of the two the Philly steak was our favorite. The meat was declared juicy and surprisingly 'beefy'. The pita was very fresh, soft and pillow-y and it was a satisfying sandwich. We recommend the sauteed onions and mushrooms as toppings. We also had mozzarella lettuce, tomato and the house sauce – a mayonnaise and sour cream based sauce. We also heard great feedback about the ripper dog.

pitabilities food truck

We also tried some of the pita chips, which are chunky triangles fried to order with a side of hummus. Fries, drinks and deep fried Oreos are also offered.


Follow Pitabilities on facebook to find out where they will be appearing next.


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