Interested in Starting a Mobile Food Business?

14 Jul

opening a food cart in Columbus

If the answer to the title of this post is ‘yes’, then you must check out Food Fort. Food Fort is a new commissary and food business incubator space at ECDI (Economic and Community Development Institute) that offers a menu of programs for facilitating the creation of a mobile food vending business at a very low upfront cost.

In particular, we’re referring to their food cart rental program. Instead of having to raise the money to buy a cart, new vendors can now rent a cart by the day or the month. This means that someone could , say, start up and run a food cart business on the weekends while keeping their full time job just to test the water. The carts come in 3 different sizes and will all have been inspected by Columbus Public Health. The vendor just needs to obtain a peddlers license and liability insurance. Renters add their own temporary branding and signage to the cart.

commissary, food carts columbus

We had an opportunity to tour the Food Fort today. The space has storage for food carts, 8 rental carts, commissary facilities, and will soon be home to some other food businesses. It’s an impressive space with potential to expand as more businesses make their home there.

If you are looking for more information on starting a mobile food business in Columbus, here is a useful article by The Metropreneur.


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