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11 Jul

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Pizza & Baked goods.

Phone: 614 440 9885
Check Facebook and Twitter for updates on location
Earth’s Crust (Pizza in cart form) Krazy Monkey: Pizza, Juices and more in Truck form
Earth’s Crust/Krazy Monkey Updates

Street Eats has been following Earth’s Crust and Michelle Page for a long time, so long in fact that this post is a joint production by Vivsmack, CMH Gourmand & Hungrywoolf.

street food , food carts columbus

Street eating is all too often synonymous with hot dogs, gyros, and other meaty morsels. But not in Columbus. Joining the ranks of Rad Dog, Lucky Ladle and other mobile vegan & vegetarian friendly carts, Dreddie Page (a.k.a. Michelle), who is based out of the Clintonville Community Market, has been offering health conscious pizza and baked treats using local, organic, fresh ingredients. Using whole wheat berries (germ included!) and spelt, Michelle mills her own flour to ensure that the menu is minimally processed with the freshest possible flavor and the highest nutritional value. Her grains come from the Amish farms. She does not use white refined flour or refined sugars. She does use natural ingredients with a dash or dollop of love depending on the item. When Vivshmack visited there were three pizza options: caramelized onions and apples with Daiya cheddar, cheese, and pepperoni. She chose two slices (the Daiya option and the pepperoni) for $5 and was really impressed with the light and nutty crust. Yesterday Michelle was offering a choice of two 8 inch pizzas: Ohio cheese pizza with locally made sauce and 3 cheese blend and a tasty homemade broccoli pesto pizza with fresh mozzarella and tomato. Vegan cheese is also available.

whole grain pizza cart

The Earth’s Crust cart hops around town offering up delicious sandwiches, signature pizzas and a selection of baked goods. The menu changes daily and seasonally. Sandwiches are made with whole wheat, vegan, sliced bread from Stan Evans Bakery, a little known bake shop located in Grandview. Vivian sampled the Tomato NOTzarella sandwich served warm straight from the cart’s built in griddle.

Michelle is available for catering orders and has a fantastic selection of pies, rolls, scones and cookies. Check out a menu here. Rumor has it that Earth’s Crust pizza are much loved by Clintonville families and super popular with neighborhood kiddies so call ahead if you have any special requests or are placing a large order.

Michelle Page is a budding mobile food mogul. You may see her Krazy Monkey truck resting in the parking lot of Global Village Coffee Shop and Gallery lot in Clintonvile this summer in between work to get it ready for the road. In the meantime, she operates a space inside selling her juices and baked goods. If there is an outdoor event with food carts you can expect the Earth’s Crust cart or the Krazy Monkey truck will be there.

Want more of her story? Check out Michelle’s Earth’s Crust blog


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