Street Eats Columbus: Season 2

23 Apr

Not all Mobile Food kitchens roll away in the winter, but most do. This spring, most of the carts, trucks and trailers from last year are back. We have also heard of many new vendors soon to swim into the ever growing pond of mobile food. For readers that think this is a fad or passing fancy, think again and eat some more. Mobile food is here is stay in Columbus and the nation.

The National Restaurant Association show in the Chicago is the largest food vendor event in the world. This year, mobile food is there in a big way. Several books have just come off the presses including Food Trucks: Dispatches and Recipes from the Best Kitchens on Wheels. The Great Food Truck Race was a smash hit on TV. Locally mobile food vendors have just formed COMFVA: The Central Ohio Mobile Food Vendors Association. Street meat is a serious business and it is growing.

The Street Eats team is a serious collective of a cadre of culinary adventurers that take food and food writing seriously. We all have some connection to the culinary trades and one of us recently graduated from Hot Dog University (a course in all things hot dog cart). Columbus has long been a test bed and launching ground for new food concepts. In the case of the Midwest and most of the country, for the genre of mobile kitchens, our city is ahead of the curve. This should be a great year for mobile food so join us in our adventures in eating and help us support small business at it’s best.

The best place to start to try out a cart? Expect some Mobile Food festivals this summer. The Wexner Center will host a food cart weekly at their Market at 15th & High on Thursdays starting in a few weeks. In addition to new trucks and updated hours with locations for veteran street vendors we will let you know about events as they are scheduled. Don’t forget our Taco Truck Community, the largest in the Midwest, when you want dine al fresco.

If you care to be a savvy street eater, you can pick up a Small Business Beanstalk card for savings at some mobile vendors. (See the current examples here).


5 Responses to “Street Eats Columbus: Season 2”

  1. Paul Ferrara April 26, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    I really don’t want to start something, but I don’t understand the hype surrounding these food carts. First the weather: it’s either too cold or too hot, or it’s raining or snowing. And most carts don’t have much in the way of outdoor furniture, if any. I’ve long outgrown sitting in my car to eat. And most carts use plastic silverware and styrafoam utensils. And the menus are always much more limited than the average restaurant. I mean MUCH MORE. Anyway, I just don’t get it.

    • cmh gourmand April 26, 2011 at 8:31 am #

      Hi Paul,

      I understand and have experienced some of your points. Mobile food is not for everyone, but either is fine dining or fast food either. Take a look at this link, you might see some things differently –

      Some carts used recycled silverware and compostable boxes and that trend is growing. The menus are limited but the fare at many places is worth the trip. Skillet and Los Guachos on a spring night or even at home after picking up at the truck can be a great experience. There are many new carts, trucks and trailers coming with new ideas and foods that you might not be able to get anywhere else. So check in with this site on occasion, maybe you will find something you want to make the effort for.

  2. Paul Ferrara April 26, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Good article. But it sounds like you wrote that from the perspective of a food cart owner while I was writing from a consumers point of view. I’ve been to more than a few of them and attended the Wonderland thing and another eat-in with Bethia and each time I do it, I wonder why am I here?? The food quality leaves much to be desired when you compare it Cuco’s or Fiesta Jalisco to name a couple. But anyway I don’t want to beat this to death. I mainly felt like ranting a bit. LOL

    • cmh gourmand April 26, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

      Thanks for your rant Paul. I am a board Member of the Central Ohio Restaurant Association and if you have seen my stomach….I am definitely a consumer so I think I can see all sides of the story. Granted I am biased. Again, there are some great mobile food out there and some average stuff too. Maybe we should have you direct your focus to our alt eats website instead. : >

  3. Paige Thurgood April 16, 2016 at 2:26 pm #

    – Another great addition to Tiffany & Renee’s food truck cookbook portfolio – love their work — These Gals KNOW good food! Paige T. Austin, TX

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