Families Mobile Kitchen

20 Oct

1235 Oak St. (near corner of Oak & Wilson)
Open 11am – 9pm, Mon – Sat

We’ve often observed the usefulness of a mobile food operation as a stepping stone towards opening a bricks & mortar restaurant, but we’ve never seen anyone quite as aggressive about that strategy as Families. Their cart is set up outside of a retail space in Old Towne East that they’ve already taken possession of and are renovating as we speak. Presumably, proceeds from the truck help with renovation costs.

Gotta respect that. And, gotta respect the mac & cheese. 

Families rendition was pure comfort food contentment – creamy and well seasoned, with a sprinkling of pepper that nicely complimented the cheddar tang. Portions were generous for the price.

As Families promotes their chicken and waffles heavily, we had to try them as well.

They serve them up with one waffle & one wing ($4.00), 1 waffle & 3 wings ($6.00), and for the big eaters they have ‘The Real Urban Legend’ – 2 waffles with 4 wings or 3 legs ($8.00). Having just had lunch, we opted for the 1 & 1.

The chicken was great – fried with a nice crisp and peppery crust and plenty tender. The waffle, on the other hand, was a little underwhelming – more than a little on the cake-y side, and probably underdone. This might have been an aberration, though, as we were told that the usual cook was out and her sub was making his first waffle. The maple syrup was of the ‘was a maple tree actually involved in this?’ variety.

The folks running Families couldn’t have been nicer, and with so much left unexplored on their menu we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon.



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