Rad Dog!

24 Aug

We are sorry to report that Rad Dog is out of business. It was for sale as of June 2012.

Blog (not as frequently updated)
Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes usually found at Broad & High. Often found at special events and festivals.
Saturday’s sometimes found at Pattycake Bakery as part of the Pattycake Rad Dog sticky bun challenge.

Rad Dog‘s hot dog cart established by owner operator Tawd Bell in July 2008, was an early pioneer of the new wave of food carts. Rad Dog is now a well established vegan friendly street food option and a familiar sight downtown. Vegans are not usually well served by street food vendors, so Rad Dog is a great compliment to other street food vendors at festivals.

Tawd uses Tofurky hot dogs, brats and kielbasa from Portland, Oregon. Apart from that he tries to source as much as he can locally and he uses rolls from Stan Evans bakery in Grandview and Pretzel buns from Brezel. He also serves locally made Luna burgers.

Tawd splits the dogs lengthwise to maximize surface area and get them extra crispy. Popular offerings include the Cowabunga with chili and salsa. This is a dog to be approached carefully if you are wearing a white shirt.

and the Rad dog – a beer brat with sauerkraut, onions and peppers. The Tofurky brat goes really well with toppings, but for an unadorned dog, the Italian sausage is the winner on flavor.

As well as dogs and burgers, Tawd also offers Blue Sky Sodas and Pattycake Bakery cookies.


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