Mikey’s Late Night Slice

11 Aug

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Mikey’s Late Night Slice pizza truck is the mobile spin-off of their fixed-abode parking lot location near Bodega. As the name suggests, look for the pizza-slinging truck, late at night, or on facebook. The only difference between the “PizzAssault” truck and the Shack is a pared down menu and sauces; head to the Shack if you absolutely need Slut Sauce on your slice.

Recently, we caught the “PizzAssault” truck parked in front of Level at North High St. and Lincoln St. The truck is outfitted with a wire belt and warming deck oven to ensure crisp yet chewy crust and toppings sunk in gooey cheese.  From a list of four available slices, we chose the popular Spicy-Ass Pepperoni and the vegetarian Mushroom with Roasted Garlic.

The mushroom with roasted garlic is topped with fresh mushrooms and sprinkled liberally with oregano. We had trouble finding the roasted garlic, but enjoyed the crisp bottom and airy crust.

The Spicy-Ass Pepperoni is something really special. The sauce is made with a good helping of Sriracha chili sauce and it’s flavor really comes through in the overall product. The pepperoni is judiciously placed, ensuring a meaty morsel with every bite. To top it all off? Several slices of banana peppers, dried chili flakes, and some delicious minced garlic. Spicy-Ass indeed.

Each pizza pie is cut into six slices so unless you’ve had nothing but beer for dinner, one slice is ample for the 2am pre-passout snack. Ask the crew which pies just came out of the oven: pizza is always good, but fresh pizza is always better.


6 Responses to “Mikey’s Late Night Slice”

  1. Austin November 7, 2012 at 1:57 pm #

    I work at OSU – University Hospitals East . We are now getting food trucks, is it possible more trucks and more variety such as a BBQ truck start coming? Everyone was really excited and enjoyed late night slice today!


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